Growth and Retention Bundle

Growth and Retention Bundle

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Wanting less hair damage? Striving for healthy moisturized hair with less shedding?

Our Growth and Retention Bundle gives you the opportunity to try each one of our AMAZING products, when used together provides optimal hair health.

  • 4 oz  Avocado Fenugreek and Honey Nourishment Hair Mask
  • 4 oz Mask Elixir
  • 4 oz Basmati Rice Water Hair Cultivator
  • 4 oz Maurla and Moringa Scalp Revitalizer

-Avocado Fenugreek and Honey Nourishment Mask - Provide your hair a boost of moisture and strength.  Our protein enriched  4 oz.  powder mask will help revitalize your scalp by depositing fatty acids to penetrate hair shaft, stimulate follicles and promote new hair growth. Mix the mask with elixir, carrier oil (i.e. avocado oil )or your favorite conditioner. 

-Mask Elixir created to aid our Nourishment Hair Mask is packed with myriad of natural and organic oils to aid retention and growth.  Formulated with antioxidant oils containing anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties and cell generation.

-Basmati Rice Water Hair Cultivator  is nutrition for your hair.  Inositol, is able to penetrate hair from the inside out.  Amino acids, vitamins A and E and natural oils help improve texture, and strengthen hair. 

 -Marula and Moringa Scalp Revitalizer -Formulated with optimal natural and essential oils to rejuvenate scalp by:

  • Intensifying circulation
  • Unblocking buildup
  • Enhancing moisture and shine

 Only a little is needed to ensure hair is not weighed down.